Read what our client's say...


quoteI just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job on the wedding cake and Christmas cookies. The cake was absolutely beautiful and delicious! I just loved it! The cookies were also perfect!

quoteI can't thank you enough for your enthusiasm and passion for your craft -- and for making such delicious sample cakes for us to taste.

quoteThank you So Much!! The cake was beautiful. Seriously…The most beautiful cake I’ve ever seen. ~Tyler & Chereu Hausley, 9/5/10 wedding.

quoteWe appreciate you re-creating the true design we had our hearts set on, and you would not believe how many guests told us it was the best cake they’d ever had. The frosting, in particular, was a hit. Lots of people asked for your company name and we recommended you highly. Thanks again and best wishes. ~Stephanie and Jeff, 8/28/10 wedding.

quoteWhat can we say…The cake(s) were Amazing! We know you will do very well with your bakery. Next time we need cake, we’ll be giving you a call. ~Theresa Spaeneman, 6/30/10 wedding.

quoteThank you so much for the beautiful cake! Everybody loved it! We loved it! The cake completed our wedding very beautifully. It was not only beautiful to look at, but also super tasty!!! Many people asked where the cake came from because the cake taste so good! We are so pleased with your service! Thank you very much! ~Keiko & Josh


quoteI just wanted to send you guys a quick thank you note for brightening my boyfriend's day last week. We're living in different cities this year, and he's studying for the bar exam.  Your delivery service let me give him a bit of moral support, even from halfway across the country.  He couldn't stop raving about the cookies!  Thank you!! ~Kristin

quoteI love my cookies. The special extras you threw in were devoured by others. OMG Best. Cookies. Ever. I'm not kidding. Devoured one in the car on the way home! By far the best cookie I ever ate. I must program you into my GPS and spread the word…..

quoteI had a cookie monster breakdown and ate them all. They were so delicious!. I may be ordering more from you in the very near future, Amber. These cookies are truly addictive, and I never get excited about cookies!

quoteAmber - the cookies were amazing. My daughter started to give me a raving review of each one....and I asked "Did you eat all of those cookies?" She laughed and said she had a taste of each. I don't know if I believe her! People asked where I had them made - so will give out your info! Thank you for helping make my husband's surprise party such a great celebration!!!

quoteI took a long walk today...came home and had a cookie!!! I thought about it for the last 1/2 mile of my walk!

All Occasion

quoteBolted straight up in bed thinking, "Oh my God! Did I thank Amber?!" If I didn't, thank you thank you! The audience devoured your cake so fast, I didn't get any! So I'll have to order one for a birthday, then have some "quiet time" when the kids go to bed. Just me, the cake and an oversized fork.

quoteYour desserts were a huge hit!! everyone said how delicious everything tasted. I was so proud to have such couture desserts to present to my guests. I look forward to working with you in the future! You are amazing! Talk to you soon. ~Angela Maitland

quoteThe favors turned out great. Thank you so much. They looked so cute and everyone loved them. They were perfect favors! I will recommend you to all my friends! Thanks again! ~Kristin Dixon-Wallace

quoteThe cake for my mom’s 50th was a work of art! everyone was raving about it. Not only was it adorable and personal, but just delicious. Thanks again for helping make her party so special. ~Love Alana

quoteWe just returned from Noah's and Luke's birthday party. I have to tell you your cake was phenomenal, and the great price made them even better. The moms that were present were very impressed with both the quality and the price. The beaver/volcano design was awesome! You just did a fantastic job. ~Amy, Jon and Noah PS: your bacon cookies are also a tad addictive :-)

quoteYour cupcakes were a hit with my family and friends. Thanks so much. Just wanted you to know that I have had cookies of yours twice recently(various events). I cannot say enough great things about what you do. Looking forward to your cupcakes in volume! ~Lindsay