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1) Check out our large range of flavors, treats and prices!

2) Once you have an idea of what suits your fancy, please fill out this order form.

3) Orders for standard or mini-sized (non-decorated) cookies from our regular menu can be fulfilled with 24 business hours notice but may be limited to the available flavors. Orders for cakes, bars and other mini-desserts must be placed at least 48 business hours (2 business days) in advance and will be fulfilled on a first-come first-served basis. Orders for decorated sugar cookies, cheesecake brownies and bomb-dot-com brownies require 72 business hours (3 business days) notice and will be fulfilled on a first-come first-served basis. Occasionally, because of high demand, we may be unable to fulfill your order, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. If this is the case, we will contact you as soon as possible on the next business day following your order submission. We recommend that you place your order 3-4 business days in advance.

4) To pay for your order, please call 503.232.3848 with a credit card number, or pay by mailing a check to us at 16285 SW 85th Ave. Suite 100, Tigard, OR 97224 which must be received 24 hours in advance of order fulfillment. Customers paying in cash must come into the shop at least 24 hours in advance to pay.

Please Note Le Cookie Monkey's retail shop is closed on Sundays and Mondays, if you place a retail order on Saturday, Sunday or Monday, for a delivery on Tuesday, we will not be able to fulfill the order. We must have all orders for Tuesday on the Friday before by 3 p.m. Catering orders $300.00 or greater (not including delivery fee) that are placed at least 48 retail business hours in advance (Friday for Monday orders) are available for fulfillment on Monday through Friday. Wedding orders $300.00 or more (not including delivery fee) are available on any day with 1-month advance notice and 2-week advance payment.


Order Type:
CakeCupcakes(Cupcakes DO NOT have fillings. Do NOT select a filling type if you are ordering cupcakes)

Round Cake Sizes - select one:
5-inch-serves 4-6, $286-inch-serves 8-10, $388-inch-serves 12-20, $4810-inch-serves 25-30, $5812-inch-serves 45-60, $93

Sheet Cake Sizes - select one:
Quarter Sheet - serves 24, $55Half Sheet - serves 48, $75

Cupcake Sizes:
Mini - $20 per dozenStandard - $33 per dozen (select one)$0.50 per cupcake with special design

Cake Flavor & Cupcake Flavors - select one:
White - contains vanilla, almond flavor added upon requestFunfettiHummingbird - banana, coconut, pecans, pineappleChampagneLemonChocolate Devil's FoodMarbleToasted HazelnutCarrot - contains coconut and pineapple, add raisins and or nutsButtermilk BananaPumpkinRed VelvetCoconut Cake - coconut cake layered with coconut mousse, finished in vanilla buttercream with flaked coconut garnishStrawberry - in season with $5.00 additional chargeSpice CakeSpice Cake with Apples

Filling Flavors - select one (Cupcakes DO NOT have fillings. Do NOT select a filling type if you are ordering cupcakes)
Vanilla MousseLemon Mousse - fresh lemon zest and curd folded into mousse and soaked into each cake layerChocolate MousseCaramel Mousse - house made dark caramel folded into mousse and soaked into each cake layerCream Cheese MousseRaspberry Mousse local preserves folded into mousseGerman Filling - sweet caramely mix of coconut and pecansChocolate Ganache - dense, rich chocolate layerFresh Fruit - layered with each mousse layer, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, seasonal fruit - $5 extraCoconut Mousse

Icing Flavors:
Italian Meringue ButtercreamCream CheeseLemon Buttercream - with lemon zest folded inGanacheChocolate ButtercreamCarmel ButtercreamRaspberry Buttercream

Icing Color: - cupcakes

Icing Decoration: -cake or cupcakes - Suggestions: Dots, Swirls, Fresh Fruit, Chocolate Pieces, personalized, etc.
Describe below.

Decoration Description - cake, cupcakes or sugar cookies

Specify Order Quantities - number of cakes, or cupcake by dozens


Size: (select one)
Mini - $24 per dozen, minimum order - 2 dozen, maximum of 1 flavor per dozenMini S'Mores - $24 per dozen (minimum 2 dozen)Standard S'Mores - $36 per dozen (minimum 1 dozen)Mini Whoopie Pies - $24 per dozen (minimum 2 dozen, maximum 1 flavor per 2 dozen)Standard Whoopie Pies - $30 per dozen (minimum 1 dozen, maximum 1 flavor per dozen)

Lemon Curd TartsChocolate Mousse CupsFresh Fruit Tarts (seasonal)Coconut Cream TartsPumpkin Pie TartsWhoopie Pie - devil's foodWhoopie Pie - red velvet

Specify Mini Dessert Order Quantities (dozens)


Rice Krispy Treats - Standard Size $33.00 per dozen, minimum 1 dozenRice Krispy Treats - Mini Size $18.00 per dozen, minimum 2 dozenScotcheroos - Standard Size $36.00 per dozen, minimum 1 dozenScotcheroos - Mini Size $24.00 per dozen, minimum 2 dozenLemon Bars - Standard Size $36.00 per dozen, minimum 1 dozenLemon Bars - Mini Size $24.00 per dozen, minimum 2 dozenCaramel Bars - Standard Size $36.00 per dozen, minimum 1 dozenCaramel Bars - Mini Size $24.00 per dozen, minimum 2 dozen

Brownie Flavors: Full Size 12-inch square
Tradional Chewy - $33 standard dozen, $18 for mini - Chocolate Chip, Butterscotch Chip, Toffee, White Chocolate ChipFrosted - $38 standard dozen, $20 for mini - Mint Madness, German Chocolate, or Vanilla Bean DreamCheesecake Brownie - $40 standard dozen, $20 for mini - Plain, Seasonal Fruit, Chocolate Chip, PineappleBomb-Dot-Com Brownies - $46 standard dozen, $24 mini - Frosted Maple Blueberry, Pina Colada, Mocha Mania
(Tradional Chewy with topping: $3.00 extra per standard dozen and $2.00 extra per mini dozen)
(Cheesecake Brownies and Bomb-Dot-Com Brownies requires advance notice of 48 business operating hours to complete)

Brownie standard or mini dozen? standard dozenmini dozen
Brownie Flavor choice:

Specify Order Quantities - number of pies, or brownies by dozens
(Mini-sized Brownies minimum of 2 dozen. Regular size Brownies minimum 1 dozen.)


Order Size: (select one)
Mini - 2-inch x 2-inch, $18 per dozen - 2 flavors max (Minimum 2 dozen, maximum 1 flavor per dozen)Standard - 3-inch x 3-inch, $33 per dozen - 3 flavors max (Minimum 1 dozen, maximum 2 flavors per dozen)

Cookie Flavors:
Chocolate ChipOatmeal RaisinPraline - toffee pieces, pecans & white chocolate chipsPeanut Butter and JellySoft GingerPeanut ButterPeanut Butter with Chocolate ChipsBanana Oatmeal with Chocolate ChipsSnickerdoodleTriple Chocolate Dried Cherry - white, milk and dark chocolateChocolate Chip and Toasted HazelnutToasted CoconutLemon Dreams - soft sugar with lemon glazeChocolate Chip BaconToffee BaconHot ChocolateBab's Gone Mad-Butterscotch - white chocolate and semi-sweet chipsIced PumpkinGinger OrangeThumbprints-filled with seasonal jamRussian Tea Cakes (seasonal)Iced Sugar CookiesPeanut Butter with Toffee & PretzelsRolled Molasses (seasonal & Great Great Grandma's Recipe!)Hazelnut ThumbprintOregon Tea Cakes - with toasted hazelnutsWhite Chocolate Macadamia NutCoconut w/Chocolate & PistaciosTurtle - Coconut w/Pecans & Chocolate

Assortment - Tell us your four cookie flavors.

Specify Cookie Order Quantities (dozens)

Cookie Cakes
6 inch - $20 (serves 4-6)8 inch - $25 (serves 8-10)10 inch - $38 (serves 12-16)12 inch - $50 (serves 16-20)14 inch - $65 (serves 22-26)


Pricing & Sizes:
Iced & Decorated Mini - 2in x 2in, $30 per dozen (Maximum 1 style per dozen)Ice & Decorated Standard - 3in x 3in, $40 per dozen (Maximum 2 styles per dozen)Bagged and Tied, $38 per dozen Mini (Maximum 1 style per dozen)Bagged and Tied, $48 per dozen Standard (Maximum 2 styles per dozen)


What type of cut-out design would you like?,Visit our Gallery for examples.

Specify Sugar Cookie Order Quantities (dozens)


Cake Sizes - select one:
5-inch-serves 4-6, $286-inch-serves 8-10, $388-inch-serves 12-20, $4810-inch-serves 25-30, $5812-inch-serves 45-60, $93

Rumba in 'Ma Tumba - Dense chocolate cake with dark rum caramel, ganache & toasted pecansBerry Black Russian - Espresso soaked devils food cake with berries, chocolate mousse, buttercreamThe Diva - Raspberry soaked white cake with raspberry mousse, fresh raspberries, white buttercreamThank You Johnny Apple Seed - Apple cinnamon butter cake with creamcheese mousse, creamcheese icingBerries & Cream - Layers of white cake, vanilla mousse, fresh berries & white buttercreamNorthwest Love - Toasted hazelnut cake with local berry preserves, fresh berry mousse, white buttercreamMonkey Business - Buttermilk banana cake layered with vanilla mousse, fresh bananas, white buttercreamI Dream of Lemons - Lemon cake layered with lemon curd, lemon mousse & buttercreamRomance Cake - champagne cake with chocolate mousse, filled & iced with chocolate ganache & stawberriesCoo Coo for Coconut Cake - coconut white cake, coconut mousse, Italian Meringue buttercream with toasted coconutGerman Chocolate Cake - Rich devils food filled with our homemade German Chocolate filling

Specify Monkey Cake Order Quantities


Delivery fee varies per location. Please call 503.232.3848 to receive the exact amount for delivery to your specific destination..

Let us know if you would like to pick up your order or have it delivered.

Pickup/Delivery Date (Tuesday - Saturday), Please note: you must place your order by 12-noon for next day delivery and pickup. *

Pickup Time (choose one):
9 - 10a.m.10 - 11a.m.11a.m. - 12p.m.12 - 1p.m.1 - 2p.m.2 - 3p.m. (Not available on Saturdays since we close at 2 p.m.)

Delivery Time (choose one):
9 - 11a.m.11a.m. - 1p.m.1 - 3p.m.3 - 5p.m.

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