Wedding Cakes & Treats

Are you getting married or planning a wedding celebration?

I guess that’s why you’re here checking us out and we are so excited to partner with you for that special day!

There are so many sweet things about weddings: the story of how you met, gazing into each other’s eyes as you exchange meaningful words, the gathering of your closest friends and family members and of course, the treats you offer during the celebration! We absolutely love being a part of these special moments, consulting with you to craft the perfect desserts and sweet bites that fit within your vision of the festivity, whether that be elegant and glamorous or casual and whimsical. We offer grand tiered buttercream cakes, simple cutting cakes and a range of cupcakes, cookies and tartlets if a wedding cake isn’t your thing or perfect for wedding favors or pre-wedding snacks!

All of our cakes and treats are baked from scratch using only the finest high quality ingredients which means they all taste fresh, soft and delightfully buttery. We also use locally grown fruit when available along with nuts, butter and cream for each decadent creation, giving back to our lovely community. And lastly, each treat can be artistically decorated to fit within your décor if desired, mirroring the rest of your design vision.